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Shah Rukh Khan talks about success of Pathaan, reveals he was ‘low on confidence’

After Pathaan came out, Shah Rukh Khan showed up in the media for the first time. He said that he didn’t have much faith in Pathaan since Zero bombed at the box office.

When he talked to the media, he said, “Thank you for making the business world more interesting. This hasn’t yet sunk in for all of this. Thanks to everyone for making the movie. Visit people who care about you. I’m loved by a lot of people. God has always put me in the front row. Love is what you feel when you watch a movie. No one should be hurt by it. I wasn’t sure of myself. I sometimes felt scared.”

He went on to say, “We are all very grateful to the audience and the media for showing so much support for the film, even though there were things that could have stopped the film from being a success. At times, we had to call people and ask them to let us release our movie without any trouble. Love is what you feel when you watch a movie or make one, and I want to thank everyone who helped us get this movie out to the public.”

With 542 crores in sales in its first five days, Pathaan has become the film with the “highest opening weekend.”