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Shahbaz Gill’s sedition lawsuit in Islamabad is seeking police records.

In a sedition case brought against PTI leader Shahbaz Gill, an Islamabad court on Friday requested police records, stating that failure to comply would “become a headache” for the police.

District and Sessions in addition Gill’s post-arrest bail request was considered by Judge Tahir Abbas Supra, with Faisal Chaudhry and Hafeezullah representing the PTI leader.

Gill is facing significant accusations after it was claimed that during his remarks on a private TV channel earlier this month, he encouraged mutiny within the military.

The Islamabad police earlier this week also filed a case against the PTI leader for having an illegal firearm in his hands, in addition to the sedition allegations he was already facing.

Police searched the PTI leader’s room at Parliament Lodges late on Monday and found guns, a satellite phone, and foreign currency. He was then arrested in connection with the case.

Since Gill’s detention, the PTI has regularly claimed that he was sexually harassed, insulted, and tortured while in police custody; however, both the police and the government have refuted such allegations.

Gill said he had been “sexually abused” during the search of his home at Parliament Lodge.An quick, independent, and open inquiry into the alleged abuse of Gill in police custody is what Human Rights Watch (HRW) has requested.In the two cases, which will conclude on September 7, the PTI leader is currently being held on judicial remand.