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Sheeba Chaddha talks about how hard she works and what makes her creative.

Sheeba Chaddha, an actress, talks about how happy she is to be an actress and use her creative skills every day.

She said in a recent interview, “If you keep working, you’re bound to get the roles you’ve always wanted. I’m having the same thing happen. I’m shooting all the time, and the roles I’m getting are very different. I’m happy with what I’m making, but I don’t have any time to take breaks. Also, I sometimes have to turn down really good scripts because I have so much work, but I don’t mind. We artists work our whole lives to make characters with interesting stories.

She went on to say, “By now, we all know how the Internet has changed our lives and given new life to artists, actors, and technicians. We should try not to make the platform too busy and keep bringing up projects that are good enough. The huge success of our show Mirzapur was a big surprise to all of us, but it also inspired us to work harder on the next seasons and make the content even better. I strongly feel only good content can survive at the end.”

She ended by saying, “We’ve already shot Mirzapur 3, and we’re working on a number of other projects, like the Indo-Canadian film Rabia & Olivia, which stars Vicky Kaushal, and a German series.” So, for the time being, I have some lovely characters in store.”