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Shehnaaz Gill says she would cast Kareena Kapoor as her sister

Shehnaaz Gills answers questions ranging from her marriage to making her own reality show.
Actor-singer Shehnaaz Gill has revealed the actors she would cast if she ever had her own show. In a new video released by Netflix, Masaba Gupta is seen tossing candid questions at Shehnaaz as they promote Masaba’s web series.
When Masaba asked Shehnaaz who would she cast in a show based on her life, Shehnaaz said, “I think I would call Pankaj Tripathi first. I love the way he acts. I mean he is so natural. I really like him.” Masaba then asked her choose another actor, possibly in the role of her sister, and she chose Kareena Kapoor Khan.
The ex-Bigg Boss star was her fun energetic self in the video. She spoke endlessly about her talkative nature and said, “It is very difficult to tolerate me and I am not a good listener. You will have to praise me 24 hours a day. You will get irritated. Don’t make marriage plans with me because you have to speak about me 24 hours a day and if you don’t talk about me, I will just be on my way.”
Fans of the actor know that she is also known as Sana so Masaba asked her about the twin names. To this, Shehnaaz said that her parents chose a second name for her when she was still a child because they knew that ‘Shehnaaz Gill’ would turn into a brand. She laughed and added, “But, of course, I relate more to Shehnaaz Gill.”