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Social media trolls worry Ananya Panday.

Ananya Panday has recently been busy promoting Liger, in which she co-stars with Vijay Deverakonda.Ananya admitted that she does feel annoyed when she is the target of online trolling and that she wants people to respect her as an actor.

Ananya stated, “I guess it varies on the day,” in an interview with Of course, there are days when I’m really affected. Then there are days when I don’t give a damn. And that is appropriate; it is a natural human response. I’ve just come to the conclusion that the best course of action is to simply keep working hard and ensure that my work speaks for itself.

People need to understand that when they see me in interviews or out in public, they’re simply getting a glimpse of one aspect of my personality; there’s much more to a person than just the occasional five-minute chat. But it’s alright. I’m not rushing. I simply want to establish my abilities and gain the respect of the acting community.

Ananya is currently waiting for the release of her upcoming movie Liger, which will star Vijay Deverakonda in his Bollywood debut and is scheduled to hit theatres on August 25, 2022.