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Summer of 2024

Having a good look at climate change affects in 2023, prediction for year 2024 is not difficult. Poor heath infrastructure, water sacristy and rising prices of electricity in Pakistan, will bring havoc to public life in Summer of 2024. Governance needs a miraculous effort to meet these challenges which will result into boosting dozens other problems facing the country, said an expert on social reform sector.
On 16 July, 2023 a remote township in China’s arid northwest endured temperatures of more than 52 Celsius (126 Fahrenheit) setting a record for a country that was battling minus 50C weather just six months ago.
Just six days ago, on 10 July The World Meteorological Organization noted that beginning of July saw the hottest weak globally.Even June was measured hottest month in history, European Meteorological department noted.
According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in 2021, there were 20 weather and climate disaster events in the United States, including severe storms, floods, drought, and wildfires.
Wildfire in Hawaii, Canada, Greece, Spain this year are just tip of an iceberg.
Scientist has declared climate change as the biggest health threat of 21st century.
Meanwhile people living in developing countries like Pakistan,facing multiple challenges including energy crisis, will be in very bad shape if governments do not find solutions in health, water and energy issues to mitigate the effects of climate change.
Over 7000 glaciers in Pakistan are melting fast. In 1951, per capita availability of water was 5214 csf, which has reduced to 1000 csf in 2023. Health sector is in very very bad shape. Provincial governments of Sindh and Punjab must make hectic efforts to meet the challenges of rising temperature in next summer.