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Suzuki increases bike prices in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki Motors, which has a big market share in the two-wheeler segment, has raised the prices of its motorcycles because it is hard for the car industry to stay afloat as the rupee keeps falling in value.

A message sent by the company to its sellers said that the new rates would start on May 9 and stay the same until further notice.

The notice said that the retail prices include the ex-factory product price and freight costs for bikes that are “delivered at your dealership premises.”

S. No Model Retail Price (rupees)
1 GD110s 335,000 2 GS150 364,000 3 GSX125 488,000 4 GR150 521,000 5 GW250JP 1,040,000
The statement says that the price of GD110s has gone up to Rs335,000, GS150s to Rs364,000, GSX125s to Rs488,000, GR150s to Rs521,000s, and GW250JPs to Rs1.04 million.

“The prices listed above are subject to change at any time without warning. The price at the time of delivery will be used. Any government tax that needs to be paid will be added to the bill.”

The company puts together, makes, and sells Suzuki cars, pickups, vans, 4x4s, motorbikes, and spare parts in its own country. The Suzuki name, on the other hand, comes from Japan.

Pakistan’s car industry, which depends a lot on imports, is in the middle of a crisis because the State Bank of Pakistan has made it harder to open letters of credit (LCs) because the rupee keeps going down. Low stocks in the country are making it hard for industries to do their jobs.

Atlas Honda, which has the biggest part of the market for two-wheelers in Pakistan, raised the prices of motorcycles for the fourth time this year. With the latest price hike, the bikes now cost between Rs5,000 and Rs15,000.