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“Taika Waititi changed my life for good,” said Rita Ora.

Rita Ora has talked about her husband, Taika Waititi, saying that he “changed her forever” and that he made her want to write songs again.

During an interview with Billboard, the 32-year-old singer said she had a “low” time in her work where she “lost a lot of confidence and a lot of hope.”

“I guess when you’re at your lowest point, you can make a choice,” she said next. Either you sort of get back up and keep going, or you let it take over your life. I did that, too. I got up. I went to Australia to do The Voice there, and while I was there, I met someone who changed my life forever.”

The Poison artist then talked about how her husband had a good effect on her life.

I had never felt that kind of love before, so I wrote it all down and thought, “OK, I think it’s time to make music again.” And now we’re here.”

On the music front, Ora is getting ready to put out her third studio record.