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The first-ever electric-only, point-to-point flight of an aircraft

According to New Atlas, an airline successfully accomplished the first all-electric flight in history.De Havilland Beaver, a modified seaplane owned by Harbour Air, made a test trip from the Canadian mainland to Vancouver Island to demonstrate the viability of fuel-free flying.

The world’s first electric aircraft will be created in 2019 according to Harbour Air, the largest seaplane airline in North America and a company that promises to transport close to 500,000 people annually.

With this aim, they made some extremely audacious decisions to equip the six-seater planes with electric motor systems.The business partnered with MagniX, a business that is devoted to producing high-power electric motors.

The now-modified De Havilland Beaver took to the skies as an all-electric commercial aircraft at the end of 2019. Since that successful flight, the business has carried out more testing in an effort to obtain certification from both Transport Canada and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

This time, the plane successfully finished its initial point-to-point test flight.

The trip took 24 minutes and covered a distance of 72 kilometres totally on electricity. The jet reportedly had a lot of power left over when it landed.

Kory Paul, vice president of flight operations at Harbour Air and one of the company’s test pilots, declared, “I am excited to announce that this historic flight on the ePlane went just as planned.