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The makers of “Stranger Things” give a disappointing update

The Writers Guild of America strike has stopped work on the last season of Stranger Things.

The Duffers brothers, who made the popular Netflix show Stranger Things, posted the news on the Stranger Writers’ Twitter account.

“Duffers here. When shooting starts, writing does not stop. “We’re excited to start filming with our great cast and crew, but we can’t do it while the strike is going on,” the showrunners wrote.

“We hope that an agreement will be made soon so that we can all go back to work. Until then, I’m done. #wgastrong”

The show joined a long list of Netflix shows, like Big Mouth and Cobra Kai, whose productions were affected by the current writers’ strike.

Before, the writers’ strike in Hollywood hurt late-night shows by taking them off the air.

Major Hollywood companies and the writers’ union stopped talking about pay after several months of talks.

Following the strike, 11,500 people who write for movies and TV went on strike on May 2.