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The Punjab government is not considering governor’s rule, according to Javed Latif.

Federal Minister Javed Latif stated on Wednesday that the federal government has no plans to impose governor’s rule in Punjab. “It is difficult to implement governor’s rule after the 18th Amendment, thus no one intends to impose it in Punjab,” he continued.

Javed Latif, a senior PML-N leader, made the statement on governor’s rule in Punjab during the Geo News show Capital Talk. Latif responded to Rana Sanaullah’s statement on governor’s rule in Punjab by saying that his statement was in response to what PTI leaders were saying.

Javed Latif lashed out at the current government for failing to prosecute former Prime Minister Imran Khan, his wife Bushra Bibi, and Farah Gogi. “I have been saying at cabinet sessions that action be taken against the beneficiary of Bani Gala Imran Khan, his wife Bushra Bibi, and Farah Gogi,”

Javed Latif added, questioning why they are in government if the government is unwilling to take action against them. “What is the use of being in office if the party cannot resolve Nawaz Sharif’s cases?” he asked. The PML-N leader stated that they have been opposed to holding the reins of government since the beginning.