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The Queen is “weary” of the “never-ending scandal” involving Royal Family members.

Concerns have been raised about the Queen’s health following her absence from her yearly vacation at Balmoral Castle”The poor woman must be very fatigued,” Royal Expert Daniela Elser said in her column for NewsAu.

“Not only is she still working, more than three decades after most people retire, but her family is a never-ending source of scandal and hardship, with things only seeming to get worse.””

Elser went on: “If you ask me, and no one else is, what Her Majesty needs right now is not another wet week wobbling over the moors and ruminating on how it all went wrong, but rather to rally her lady-in-waiting of more than 60 years, Lady Susan Hussey, and abscond for a 72-hour all-inclusive gals weekend to celebrate her 60th birthday.”Sun, beach, sangria, and not having to think about all the Windsor scandals brewing?” That is a true holiday,” Elser noted.