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This flying car will take to the skies soon

FAA has given go-ahead to Samson Switchblade to begin flight testing. Switchblade took 14 years to develop.
A flying car that was developed in the United States has been given permission to take off, reported Metro News.
The FAA, the American government’s aviation authority, has officially given a go-ahead to Samson Switchblade to begin flight testing.
The Switchblade took 14 years to develop and will be testing its high-speed taxi.
Samson Sky said that 2,100 people had made reservations to try the vehicle.
The unique feature of the flying car is that it comes in a DIY kit form. Each kit comprises of an engine, avionics, and Samson Builder Assist Program.
The three-wheeled car can easily be parked in a person’s garage. From there, the owner has to drive it to the nearest airport. It takes three minutes for the vehicle to enter flying mode.
The Switchblade can go up to 306 km/h and 21,000 km. After landing the car, you can switch it back to driving mode.
The idea of a car that turns into a plane in three minutes sounds like a dream. Imagine you’re driving along during peak hour.
You get an alert of incoming traffic and shapeshift into an aircraft that takes to the skies, overtaking commuter delays, toll bridges, and construction delays — suck it, gridlock! But the reality of the flying car (aka air car) is a lot less spontaneous and a lot less flexible.