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Times Square is filled with pictures of Natasha Humera Ejaz.

Natasha Humera Ejaz is the second Pakistani artist to be named a Spotify EQUAL ambassador. She lit up EQUAL’s digital billboard in New York City’s Times Square.

Ejaz started her career as a singer and actor when she was only seven years old. As part of the celebrations, her beautiful song “Khud Se Batein” will be added to Spotify’s “EQUAL Pakistan” playlist.

Spotfiy’s EQUAL Pakistan is a platform that shows off some of the best female artists in the country. It is getting close to its first anniversary of bringing some of the country’s best talents to the international stage.

When Ejaz was only seven years old, she started her career as an artist with PTV. But in 2010, her first single, Today is a place, came out and put her on the map in the mainstream music business.

Since then, she’s been on an exciting journey. She’s made some great songs for her fans and lent her voice to Mehru in the much-anticipated animated movie Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor.

Ejaz was excited about her success and said, “I didn’t know what it was like to have my voice heard on a global stage until I was named EQUAL Ambassador of the Month.”

“I do what I do because I can’t think of any other way to live,” she said. “It’s a huge honour to be able to share what I’m passionate about with the world and bring attention to all girls at the same time.”

Many of Natasha’s tracks are crowd favourites while several of them have been nominated for coveted local accolades. Songs like “Till the End of Time” and “Khwab” have been praised for how good their vocals are.

Also, her song “God In Me,” which tells her own story, has a beautiful melody and makes people feel something.

Rutaba Yaqub, the Senior Editor for Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, had this to say about the news: “Natasha Humera has been making great music for as long as I can remember.

“She has inspired and supported so many of her fellow artists along the way. We at Spotify are happy to have her as an EQUAL ambassador because it gives her a chance to talk more loudly about women’s rights in the music business.