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Unsung Heroes

World is so magnanimous and so mean at the same time, one is left wandering at standards set to measure the achievement particularly in #Mountaineering .

Pakistan is proud to have three young mountaineers this year including two women #NailaKiyani and Samina Baig who climbed upto top of 8126 meter high ‘killer mountain’, #NangaParbat . They are first Pakistani Women to do that. Whole nation is so proud of them.

Naila Kiyani is first Pakistani woman to achieve this landmark followed by Samina Baig also reached the top few hours later along with her expedition.

SajidSadpara did the climb a day earlier but without oxygen which again is an achievement in the mountaineering world.

Fortunately in the same expeditions we had Pakistani high porters/ support staff who climbed same summit along these heroes but their skill and achievement is overshadowed and unnoticed.
One such Hero is #WajidHussainNagri who scaled Nanga Parbat as part of Samina Baig’s expedition. This being his first 8000 peak. He is highly motivated and skilled High Altitude Support Staff from GB. We are proud of our hardy high Altitude Support Staff who are second to none and stand equal to Nepali Sherpas.
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