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Wahab Ali Bugti’s iconic “Kana Yaari” home was destroyed by floods in Balochistan.

Balochistan has suffered greatly as a result of the torrential rains and flooding, with thousands of homes being destroyed and hundreds of lives lost.

The home of singer Wahab Ali Bugti, who became well-known thanks to the Coke Studio song “Kana Yaari,” was one of those hundreds. He has been residing in Nasirabad, Balochistan, beneath a clear sky for a number of days.

In a chat, the musician revealed that he had lived in Nasirabad since 1998 and that his mud-built home, which has since been destroyed, was built there.

“Two days ago, flash floods took away my house. I and my eight children were living without a roof under the blue sky “explained Bugti.

Thankfully, a friend gave him a place to stay yesterday afternoon. Wahab regretted the loss of his rice fields in addition to his home due to the flooding.