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WhatsApp adds search bar to make experience better than ever

Meta, which owns WhatsApp, is adding a search tool that will let users filter app settings. This will make the app easier to use than ever.

According to a website that keeps track of apps, the instant messaging app is sending out a new update called “search for settings” to some beta users.

If you want to see if this feature is present on your devices, all you have to do is open the settings for WhatsApp. If you see a search icon, you can start filtering the app options.

— WaBetaInfo
Users will be able to find a specific setting in the app’s settings by using this feature. This would stop people from having to scroll through the whole list of choices.

Users can find this feature at the top of the settings page and use it to look for anything they want. This tool would save time and help you do less work.

This function can help people who are familiar with app settings and change them often. In the next few days, more people will be able to use this tool.