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Will Harry’s “nonsense” lose to Prince William’s silence?

A new poll shows that most Britons still back King Charles’s oldest son, Prince William, even though Prince Harry is said to have tried to hurt his image with bombshell accusations.

Fans of the royal family could not be turned off by the Duke of Sussex’s claims against his older brother William, Prince of Wales.

It is said that some royals and their fans don’t take accusations seriously and think they are “nonsense.”

Even though Harry made some shocking claims about the senior royal in his book, most Britons still support King Charles’s oldest son. Only 17% of Britons don’t like the future king.

Data from the first quarter of 2023 shows that the public may not care as much that Kate’s husband is still very popular.

YouGov surveyed 1,229 Britons and found that 65 percent like William and 17 percent dislike him. This gives him a net score of +48 for fame. This is a slight drop from the fourth quarter of 2022, when the prince had a net popularity number of +50, but it’s still about the same as other members of the royal family.

During this time, William had a net popularity value of +50, which was about the same as other royal family members.

65 percent of Britons still like Kate, the Princess of Wales, who is William’s wife. But only 8% of the public doesn’t like her, which gives her a high net reputation score of +57.

Also, the data shows nothing good about Harry and Meghan. In the first quarter of 2023, only 29% of Britons liked Harry, and 51% of them didn’t like him. This gave him a net popularity score of -22, which was not very good. The data showed that only 23% of Brits liked Meghan Markle, while 50% did not. This gave her an even lower net popularity number of -27.

The new poll shows that most people in the UK don’t agree with Harry and Meghan’s claims. This is because people still love the royal family and are getting ready to enjoy King Charles’ coronation next month.

Over the last few years, Harry’s friendship with William has become less close. But things got worse when Harry said some very bad things about Kate’s husband, including that he had fought with his brother physically.