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With WhatsApp’s new privacy tool, private chats can be locked.

WhatsApp has announced a new feature called “Chat Lock,” which will let its users keep their talks more private. Users can lock certain chats, which will then be put in a special folder that can only be accessed by proving their fingerprints. There are no longer any links to locked chats in the notification list.

Users will only have to tap on a person’s name in a chat and choose the lock choice. Users can open the chat when they want to read it by using a biometric like Face ID, a finger scan, or a password.

WhatsApp says that this function is great for people who share their phones with their families. With biometric security, users can even lock WhatsApp completely if they want to.

The company says it is working on adding different chats with their own passwords and a way to lock talks on all devices. Slowly, all users will be able to use the Lock Chat tool.