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Year 2023; An overview

The year 2023 has proved to be better for Pakistan compared with last year in terms of political stability and economic recovery. Election month is approaching fast, so is political stability. But we still need much more in same direction. Foremost is trust of nation on stake holders.
A news published in express tribune on 2nd December, indicate that Pakistan maintained tight control over imports to offset the shortfall in foreign loans, resulting in a trade deficit of only $9.4 billion during the first five months of this fiscal year – saving about $4.8 billion through administrative measures.
Bloomberg reported on 28 September that Pakistani rupee was top performing currency in the world with 6% surge in its value.
Bloomberg also reported that inflation eased in Pakistan during month of October due to decrease in fuel price and crack down of currency hoarders. Information disorder created by fake news, is reversing slowly.
Anti-smuggling campaign has earned some benefit to the country. A research by foreign institution shows that
electricity theft has reduced and payment of bills improved.
An army commander must be judged for his ability to deliver on battlefield, decision making and command over his men. Present Army Chief has done it all. He showed zero tolerance on issues which directly impact the security of the country including return of Afghan refugees. He was firm in his decision to protect the institution of Army from any intervention from outside. He has extended all out help to government to attract the foreign investment.
Rise in terrorism was seen, that is probably result of return of Afghan refugees.