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25 years after Princess Diana’s passing, her automobile is put up for auction.

This weekend will see the auction of the one-of-a-kind black Ford Escort that Princess Diana, the late mother of Prince William and Harry, drove in the 1980s.

Diana owned the RS Turbo Series 1 Escort between 1985 and 1988, according to Reuters. It would be put up for sale at the Silverstone Racing Circuit in Britain, where they anticipate it to sell for more than 100,000 pounds ($118,000).

The RS Turbo Series 1 was typically manufactured in white, but Diana’s police protection requested that it be painted black “for discretion.”

On August 31, 1997, the British royal Diana, Princess of Wales, perished in a fast-moving vehicle accident in Paris.

Princess Diana, when 20 years old, wed Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, in 1981.