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Despite being a star child, Alia Bhatt tries to “show” trolls that she is worth their attention.

Alia Bhatt, who has recently been in the spotlight due to the success of her films and her first pregnancy, has responded to accusations of nepotism made against her by requesting that people refrain from watching her if they don’t like her.

Alia stated that there are two ways to deal with nepotism trolls in an interview with Mid-Day. I may establish my value in my own environment because one is regulated. I felt that my films were the only way I could end the dialogue.

Don’t answer, and don’t feel awful about it. Naturally, I felt bad. However, feeling sorry for yourself is a little price to pay for the work you are admired and appreciated for. After finishing my work at home, I put up.I produced a movie similar to Gangubai Kathiawadi.

Who’s having the last laugh, she continued? Until I deliver my next flop, at least. I’m currently giggling! Utilize that at the conclusion of the day to motivate your task. I can’t keep arguing my case in words. Don’t watch me if you don’t like me.

I’m compelled to. I am powerless to do anything about that. People have opinions to express. With my films, I can show them that I am genuinely worth the room I take up.

While she waits for the release of her upcoming movie, Alia has been the only Bollywood star to have three consecutively successful films this year: RRR, Gangubai Kathiwadi, and Darlings.