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37 Pakistanis who had to leave war-torn Sudan arrive in Jeddah.

The Foreign Office said on Wednesday that 37 more Pakistanis who were rescued from Sudan have arrived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This is part of ongoing efforts to get people out of the war-torn country.

Until Monday, ten days of fighting in Khartoum killed hundreds of people. Even though the warring sides said they would stop fighting, shooting broke out again in Sudan late on Tuesday.

The FO put out a short message on Twitter saying that the evacuated Pakistanis got to Jeddah Port on a ship with other people who had to leave their homes.

“The plan to get Pakistanis out of Sudan is still going on. It said, “The ship from Port Sudan with 37 Pakistanis on board arrives in Jeddah.”

FO said that Pakistan’s Consul General Khalid Majid met the people who had to leave at Jeddah Port. It also thanked the Saudi Arabian government for its help and kindness.

So far, more than 700 people from war-torn Pakistan have been taken to safety.

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto said that a second group of 211 Pakistanis left Khartoum on Tuesday, a day after at least 500 Pakistanis were taken out of Sudan.

A statement from the Foreign Office said, “In line with the commitment of the Government of Pakistan to the welfare of Pakistanis living abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to lead the relief and rescue of Pakistanis in Sudan.”

The statement said that Ambassador Meer Bahrose Regi’s team in Khartoum and Port Sudan was working day and night to help Pakistanis who were still in Sudan stay there until they could be evacuated to Pakistan.

“We continue to work with friendly countries in the area, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to make this process easier,” the statement said.