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A beautiful circle appears around the Sun over Karachi. Here’s why.

On Tuesday, people in Karachi saw a sun haze, which showed that the weather was changing.

The meteorologist said that a sun halo, also called a 22-degree halo, is caused by millions of hexagonal ice crystals in the air that bend the light from the sun.

The Times of India says that cirrus clouds, which are thin, hair-like clouds, are the ones that make circle halos.

It’s important to remember that these clouds are more than 2,000 feet up in the air.

Why does the sun have a halo?
Atmospheric Optics, a website for sharing information based in the UK, says that the halo effect happens when light is reflected and bent by ice crystals, which can cause the light to split into different colors.

Reports say that a halo generally means that it will rain in the next 24 hours, since cirrostratus clouds can be a sign of a frontal system coming.

The world saw the first sun eclipse of the year 2023 earlier this month.

Eclipses happen when the moon, sun, and earth line up in a rare way, blocking the sun or throwing a shadow on it.

Astronomers Without Borders, a group based in the US, has named April “Global Astronomy Month” because the sky will be full of amazing things to see during that month. This is according to a story from Popular Science.

The solar eclipse on April 20 made a ring of fire that could be seen for a short time in the Indian Ocean. When the eclipse reached Western Australia, the moon fully covered the sun, making it dark for about nine minutes during the day.