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Michelle Obama gives her thoughts on being married to Barack Obama for 30 years.

On the last episode of The Light Podcast, Michelle Obama talked about problems in her marriage to Barack Obama, which has been going on for more than 30 years.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the former first lady talked about how hard it was for her marriage to work when two different people lived together.

The 59-year-old said, “Barack wants to talk rationally, and I’m like, ‘Rational?'”

Michelle said, “Barack is more fiery than me.”

“Don’t try to talk sense to me, I’m mad! Don’t come to me with your three bullet points. Get out of here and give me a chance to calm down!” said the author of the book Becoming.

Michelle said that she and her husband have different personalities, which also affects how they talk to each other.

She said, “His family lived far away and traveled a lot, so he had to learn how to love from afar.”

Michelle said, “That means more words are spoken, more love is shared, and there are more real “I love yous.”

The author also said, “I grew up with all of my aunts, uncles, great uncles, and cousins. We all lived within eight blocks of each other.”

“So, every weekend, twice a weekend, we were together. So it was like, “Bye.” “I don’t have to tell you I love you because I’m going to see you on Saturday,” Michelle admitted.

The author of The Light We Carry also said that love means “showing up and also doing the laundry” to her.

Michelle realized in the end that marriage is a work in progress.

“I think more of us need to be honest about how hard it is to build a life with someone else,” she said as a final thought.