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After the Baloch singer Wasu died, Shehzad Roy said, “We will miss him.”

Wasu Khan, a famous Balochi folk singer who was known for his unique style of singing, died on Friday after a long illness, family members told Geo News.

He had a problem with his lungs and was taken to a private hospital in Sukkur, where he died.

People first heard of Wasu when he appeared in a music video with the famous singer and artist Shehzad Roy.

The Balochi singer was a key figure in Roy’s Apney Ulloo video, and the two of them had worked on many projects together.

‘We will miss him’
The Laga Re singer said that Wasu Khan died this morning when he sent his condolences.

“He couldn’t read or write, but he was very smart about politics and wrote political satire. We will miss him.”

Financial problems
Khan was having money problems in August 2020 when Shehzad Roy came to help him.

“I was always in touch with Wasu for the last 10 years, until my whole family got corona,” the singer and education activist wrote on Twitter.

“He didn’t call me because he said he didn’t want to bother me any more and wanted the government to help him. So I went to Quetta to meet him. He asked me to take him to the CM, who we did “Roy sent a tweet.