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Alia Bhatt gets criticism for her first public showing at the MET Gala in 2023.

Alia Bhatt, who has often been said to be chosen by director Karan Johar, is getting criticised again.

People on social media have different opinions about why Karan chose her for her first MET Gala look.

When designer Prabal Gurung posted on Instagram about how he met Alia for the first time at Karan’s 40th birthday party, he got a lot of negative feedback. There was one line that got a lot of attention on the internet.

Prabal wrote, “I had heard nothing but good things about her from him and my brother Pravesh, who was working with Karan on her first movie.” People who use social media did not like this line.

So, one of the Reddit posts said, “Prabal Gurung’s Instagram post confirms that KJO is the reason he invited Alia to the Met Gala.”

One reviewer wrote, “So they’ve been planning her Met Gala debut for 10 years?” Another person wrote, “Thanks, Prabal, for this informative post! No wonder KJo was silent.”

While everyone else has been criticising them, one of Alia’s true fans came out to support them. They wrote, “I guess Alia and Prabal have been close for a long time, and it was pretty clear that he asked her because they are friends. I remember seeing them together in the picture below, which was taken in New York in 2016 when Sid and Alia went on their New Year’s holiday. She probably made her launch this year because she wants to get noticed in the West before her Hollywood film, Heart of Stone, comes out in 2023.

Alia Bhatt’s first role was in Karan Johar’s movie Student of the Year, which came out in 2012. News18 says that she went on to be in many KJO films.