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All-Kill title is given to the K-pop group IVE

With their new song, “Kitsch,” the K-pop band IVE got the All-Kill approval. This approval is given to a group that takes the top spot on more than one chart at the same time.

The charts include iChart’s real-time chart, Melon’s Top 100 and Daily charts, Genie and Bugs’ daily and real-time charts, Youtube Music’s Top Songs, and the daily charts from VIBE and FLO.

For the group to be called Perfect All-Kill, they have to make their first appearance at No. 1 on iChart’s Weekly chart, which they haven’t done yet. On April 10, they will be back with their first full-length record, I’ve IVE.

Fans like their new song “Kitsch,” which has a fun, retro sound and similar images. Since their first big hit, “Eleven,” they have had a lot of success.