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Amazon sends hundreds of original Prime Video shows to the Freevee service.

Amazon is giving away a lot of its Prime Video Original movies and TV shows for free on their Freevee site, which is supported by ads.

Over 100 Amazon Originals, like Reacher, The Grand Tour, Modern Love, and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, as well as the first few episodes of its newest shows, like The Summer I Turned Pretty, are now free to watch, but only on the new app.

On May 26, Amazon users will be able to watch the movies and TV shows.

According to what they said, Amazon Freevee will add new Amazon Original movies and TV shows every month to the free viewing service. Amazon Originals will also still be able to be watched on Prime Video without ads.

Also, the Freevee Originals FAST channel on Amazon Freevee has changed its name to Amazon Originals and now has a wider range of Amazon Originals from both Freevee and Prime Video in a curated, live channel style.

Amazon Freevee is a lower-tier streaming video service that has premium movies and TV shows, including Originals and free ad-supported (FAST) programs.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Amazon’s new plan shows how premium streaming giants are changing their plans for streaming in the digital world we live in now.

This change could give users a bigger reason to move up to the top level of the service.