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“Community tabs” are a tool that WhatsApp is working on.

WhatsApp is working on adding community tabs to the chat list, which means users will soon be able to use another new feature.

WaBetaInfo says that the new update, called “community tabs,” will be added to the app in a future update.

The fix is still being made, and beta testers can’t get it yet, an app-tracking website said.

WhatsApp had already told users about a new way to organize their groups, which would make it easier to move between them in the chat list.

The app for instant chatting is working on putting a new toolbar at the top of the list of chats. There, users will be able to see all the groups they have joined.

— WaBetaInfo
“All your groups will be listed under their respective communities when you choose a tab,” said WaBetaInfo. “Users will be able to see a list of their groups because all groups that belong to a community will be filtered in the chat list when its parent community tab is chosen.”

When a person gets a text from a group that is part of a community, a blue badge will show up over the community icon. This will make it easy for him or her to have more control over the texts they get.

Also, only groups that are connected to a community will show up in the menu. The other groups won’t be shown there.