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Another attack on Pakistan by the PTI Cult by using abroad Pakistanis as a weapon.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) cult caused problems with law and order inside of Pakistan, which are now being dealt with by the state institutions in the same way that states deal with problems and illegal actions in any country. PTI takes things to the next level by making up a situation that they themselves made up so that it looks like they are the victims.

PTI has started an overseas website that says, “State fascism is the greatest threat to our society, and we must act to stop it. Increasing repression of dissenting voices, censorship, and police brutality are examples of violations we see every day.” We need to get together and demand that our voices are heard. We need to make it clear to those in charge that we won’t stand for this kind of unfairness any longer.

In reality, the PTI cult is practicing fascism and ignoring the constitution, the law, and the rights of other Pakistani citizens. The PTI cult is also burning down the homes of other Pakistanis and hurting the country’s emotional ties, which makes it hard to believe that they are victims of fascism.

After this made-up message, it’s clear that the bad guys are trying to play the victim. PTI workers are destroying property and stealing from their fellow citizens at the command of their cult leader, whose self-indulgence and desire for power are causing him to encourage his followers to cause civil unrest.

Damage to public property caused by PTI workers during violent protests on May 9 in Rawalpindi is estimated to be worth more than Rs145 million, according to a report made by the Rawalpindi Commissioner’s inspection committee. Other divisional departments are also making their own damage reports.

After all, Imran Khan’s arrogance in saying that his protesters are calm is obvious, and this damage and destruction is just another plot against him. Law and order are being handled by the government of Pakistan in the same way that every independent state must. No country can let political workers who are high on drugs and have delusions burn down buildings, radio stations, police checkpoints, bus stops, ambulances, memorials, and statues. PTI supporters burned down everything, especially things that were important to Pakistan’s pride and identity.

The demagoguery of attractive politicians—From the “Imran Khan Cult” to the “Imran Khan Faith”

It was a well-thought-out move that had been planned for months in case Imran Khan was arrested for the financial crimes he is said to have committed. I definitely think it’s a matter for Pakistan to handle on its own, but PTI followers and the PTI leadership are now encouraging his followers abroad to start spreading bad news about Pakistan.

During the 2018 Pakistani Senate elections, Andleeb Abbas ran as a candidate for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), but he did not win. She only got 46 votes, so Nuzhat Sadiq won the spot. During the 2018 Pakistani general election, she won a place in the National Assembly as a candidate for the PTI. This seat was set aside for women from Punjab.

As I’m talking about Andleeb Abbas, a member of parliament for the PTI, and her newly launched website, this is a way to spread a false story. As I’m sure that PTI cult members are in a daze, as most cult members are, they can’t make decisions on their own. The website suggests that you write an email to a leader in another country about what’s going on in Pakistan.

It’s not surprising to see that PTI’s propaganda team also wrote the text of the suggested email. If a Pakistani living abroad is meant to tell what’s going on in Pakistan, why can’t she or he just write an email?

But information about feeding the goal has been given in the form of a draft, and PTI overseas followers are told to send it even though they don’t understand what it says. They will now do what the Cult Leader, Imran Khan, tells them to do, even though they don’t know that this is an attack on the freedom of Pakistan.

Let’s talk about what’s in the PTI draft. There are actually two versions of it: one for Pakistanis living in the United Kingdom and the other for those living in the United States. However, there are instructions that say they can change line “UK” to add their own country and change “Your prime minister” to “Your president” or “Your parliament” or “Your congress” etc.

Let me read you the first part of the email’s draft:

“I’m writing to tell you that the human rights situation in Pakistan is getting worse and to ask for your help in bringing this important issue to the attention of the State Department, the right congressional committee, ministers, and other officials.

You may have seen reports in foreign media about how the government beat up Imran Khan’s supporters who were gathered near his home in Lahore’s Zaman Park.

On March 14, a lot of cops came to the area and attacked violently with water cannons that were filled with chemicals and hundreds of tear gas shells. The attack went on for almost 24 hours.

The preamble is long, but the part above can give readers an idea of what the rest of the book is about.

Here’s the email draft that was given:

Help stop violations of human rights in the UK

…in Pakistan went on a peaceful protest march to Islamabad, the capital city. Imran Khan lived through the attack, but he was shot four times in his legs. On March 8, the body of a young man with autism was left in front of Lahore, Pakistan’s Services Hospital. The autopsy report shows that he had horrible injuries that led to his death, such as a broken head, bleeding in the brain, lacerated liver and spleen, damaged testicles, and other injuries caused by blunt force trauma. Ali Bilal was on his way to an election rally called by Imran Khan’s political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), where he would be joined by tens of thousands of fans. At the rally, the cops were very rough with the people who were there. They were hit with batons and gassed with tear gas. Police damaged their cars on purpose, and many of them were taken. One of them was Bilal.

A lot of independent journalists, analysts, and doctors think that Bilal was tortured and killed while he was in prison. His father tried to file a complaint against the cops and officials, but they wouldn’t help. This is not the first time that someone has been killed or tortured in prison in Pakistan under the current government.

Senator Azam Swat, who is 74 years old, was taken because he posted a tweet that was critical of Pakistan’s power. He was taken to an unknown place where he was stripped naked and abused on the orders of the Army Chief. The whole thing was caught on video. While he and his wife were staying in a government guest house in Quetta, he secretly filmed private moments with her. A few years ago, an unknown person sent a letter to his daughter threatening to share the video if Senator Swati kept speaking out against the establishment.

Arshad Sharif was killed because he was an investigative writer who spoke out against Pakistan’s illegal movement. Mr. Sharif had left Pakistan for Kenya after being threatened with bad things if he didn’t stop criticizing the current government and its backers and stop his probe.

As a UK citizen with family and friends in Pakistan who believes in freedom and civil rights, I am writing to tell you about these terrible things. The Pakistani-British community is very worried about democracy and the growing proof that a military-backed, authoritarian government is oppressing people and denying them the right to vote by delaying elections that are required by the constitution.

If you believe in basic human rights, I urge you to put pressure on the Prime Minister to move right away by telling the current regime to:

Stop using illegal means to get rid of him as a politician.
Stop political abuse
Stop violating the rights of the free press and peaceful protests right away.
Hold polls that are fair and open, as required by Pakistan’s constitution, and let the process go smoothly.
In this message from the PTI to Pakistanis living abroad, there are a number of claims that are loaded, made up, or not backed up by evidence that should be checked for accuracy.

This is what the email draft says:

On March 14, a lot of cops came to the area and attacked violently with water cannons that were filled with chemicals and hundreds of tear gas shells.

cops units are not cops She is talking about the Pakistan Rangers, who are a paramilitary group that works with provinces as “riot police.” They are part of the Ministry of the Interior. She doesn’t use the word “Rangers,” which is a normal, official force. Instead, she uses the phrase “contingents of not police descended,” which makes readers question that this is Pakistan’s regular military.

Draft says, “Khan lived through the attack, but he had four bullet holes in his legs.”

After an alleged attack on Imran Khan, he refused to let government hospital doctors do a Medico-Legal Case Report. Instead, he got a report from a hospital he owns, Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, which is not allowed to do medical findings for a criminal case. However, PTI was in power in the province of Punjab, where the alleged attack happened, so the government did not force him to get a medical checkup or report from a government hospital. Even the doctors at his own hospital didn’t believe that there were four shots in his leg. Instead, they said there were only two tiny pieces of metal, not bullets.

Draft tells a story that isn’t true about how a PTI fan named Bilal was supposedly arrested and then killed. The draft says that many independent journalists, analysts, and doctors think Bilal was tortured and killed while he was in prison.

Bilal was killed in a car accident, and the driver turned himself in to the police and told them what happened. The driver’s confession is on video, and it was shown on all Pakistani TV stations.

Draft says that “74-year-old Senator Azam Swati was arrested under a controversial cybercrime law for posting a tweet criticizing Pakistan’s power.” He was taken naked to a place no one knew about on the orders of the Army Chief.

He was not arrested for breaking a controversial cybercrime rule, which is a fact. He was arrested because of a rule called the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA), which PTI changed. On February 18, 2022, the PTI passed an ordinance that changed the Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 (PECA) to make online “defamation” of authorities, such as the military and the courts, a crime with harsh penalties. So it’s not a controversial law, and PTI politicians don’t know about it because they made it.

The draft also says that Senator Azam Swati was tortured on the orders of the head of the Pakistan Army. How can someone blame someone without any proof, whether it’s direct or indirect? He was taken into custody by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), which is allowed by a law made by the PTI to arrest people who have broken hacking laws.

Draft says that Arshad Sharif, an investigator who wrote about Pakistan’s illegal movement and was critical of it, was killed in Kenya. After being told bad things would happen, Mr. Sharif left Pakistan.

How can a government be called “illegitimate”? was formed when the National Assembly voted to get rid of the PTI by voting “no confidence” in former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Imran Khan has also said in more than two speeches that he sent Arshad Sharif out of Pakistan. He said that Arshad was wanted by the FIA under a law about cybersecurity, but he was able to leave from Peshawar Airport, which was in the province of KPK, where the PTI was in power. Also, video proof showed that Arshad Sharif got to the airport with security from the KPK government and that KPK government officials helped him get past passport control. All of this was caught on airport security cameras.

The draft says that a government backed by the military is oppressing its people and denying them the right to vote by putting off elections that are required by the law.

The KPK and Punjab provincial assemblies were dissolved by the PTI, and Imran Khan himself made the statement that the assemblies were being dissolved. Now, the next general election is set for October 2023. Also, saying that PDM is a military-backed government isn’t true, because PDM voted Imran Khan out of the National Assembly when he lost the majority of the House. This happened because a member of Imran Khan’s party in the National Assembly found out that Imran Khan was planning to get rid of the country’s parliamentary system by announcing a referendum for a presidential form of government on August 14, 2022, which is Pakistan’s Independence Day.

PTI’s whole propaganda strategy is based on blending ideas by using one true idea and a second idea that is always made up and goes against the truth. But the state’s media management and information system are weak and haven’t been able to fight pure propaganda line by line and point by point. This means that there isn’t really anyone in the state system who can fight the propaganda that is being used to make Pakistan look bad around the world.

It is very scary that a charismatic group leader is using demagoguery to control his followers’ free will to the point that they are not allowed to write an email about their own social rights.

Written By Shazia Anwer Cheema