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Anoushey Ashraf replies to criticism she received after praising Shah Rukh Khan

Anoushey Ashraf called Shah Rukh Khan a “universal superstar” and said that she would still be a big fan of Khan even if Pakistan didn’t promote Bollywood. This did not go over well. She got a lot of harsh criticism.

She was told that she had done this to get Khan’s attention. She was picked on all the time on her social media accounts because she liked that movie. She finally had enough of all the criticism and did something about it.

She told someone who left a comment on her Instagram post, “Man, I post things on my wall to show what I think, but the people who leave comments here are amazing…

they can’t even decide what they think. Like “in my eyes,” someone’s opinion is lost because they’re too busy thinking, “I want him to notice me” (Shah Rukh). I mean, there are lots of ways to get people’s attention. “Much, much, much more… than just my opinion on my own story.”

She went on to say, “Stars are loved, respected, and interesting to everyone, so we talk about them.” But this hatred is deeply rooted in most Pakistanis. Even just for themselves. Just generally, they can’t be nice. Everything makes them want to talk badly about each other. God only knows what they get out of it, but it shows that they have a hardened, deprived, and negative attitude. Try your best to hate losers!”