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Charles III could be the last King of Britain…

At such a terrible period for the Firm, King Charles III, who succeeded Queen Elizabeth II, faced many obstacles.

Since the Queen’s death, Prince Andrew’s scandals and Prince Harry’s revelations have weakened the Firm’s credibility, prompting speculation about the monarchy’s survival.

People worry that the Duke of York’s notorious association with Jeffrey Epstein and Harry’s incendiary book, Spare, could bring down the monarchy.

“People are saying that thanks to Prince Andrew and Harry’s book, the whole royal thing is broken, that you could take it down to Jay Blades’ Repair Shop barn but the experts would be forced to conclude that all of the king’s horseman and all of the king’s men couldn’t possibly put it back together again,” Jeremy Clarkson wrote in his latest Sun column.

I understand. Mysticism underpins monarchy. Its magic comes from unknown forces.

“It’s a fairytale institution. “And it is lost partly when they’re all falling in dog bowls and, like Prince Andrew, donating money to girls they’ve never met.”

He predicted that the public would “look at William and Kate and think: ‘You know what, I’d rather have them'” if a president was elected following Charles’ reign.

The 62-year-old also stated that he prefers a monarchy in Great Britain over an elected president like Joe Biden or Emmanuel Macron.

King Charles III is advised to make a major decision to boost his and the Firm’s reputation. The next monarch’s national approval rating (65%) is 21 points lower than the late Queen’s (70 years on the British throne).