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CII expose comprehensive ‘code of conduct’ for peace, harmony in Muharram

The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) on Saturday took a momentous step towards strengthening the values and principles that form the bedrock of Pakistan’s identity by unveiling a comprehensive “code of conduct”.

Addressing the press conference after a consultative meeting with prominent religious scholars and leaders, Chairman Dr Qibla Ayaz said the code, aimed at maintaining peace and tranquillity, particularly during the month of Muharramul Haram across the country, emphasised the importance of upholding the Constitution, respecting the dignity of fundamental rights, and remaining loyal to the state under all circumstances.

He said the newly-introduced code placed the duty on every citizen to acknowledge and abide by the constitutional authority of the state, demonstrating unwavering allegiance to it and its institutions.

He said that the key aspects of the code revolved around upholding the dignity and respect of fundamental rights as outlined in the Constitution. This included the principles of equality, social and political rights, freedom of expression, belief, worship, and assembly, he added.

Dr Qibla said that the Islamic foundation of Pakistan’s Constitution and laws would be preserved, with citizens being entitled to pursue peaceful efforts for the implementation of Shariah, adding that to maintain the spirit of Shariah, the code strictly forbade any use of force in the name of Islam, armed actions against the state, violence, and incitement.