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PM Shehbaz says, Ex-CJP is behind disqualification of Nawaz

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday accused former chief justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar of being the main architect of the  disqualification of PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif.

“Former chief justice Saqib Nisar was the ringleader of the gang of conspirators. He, in connivance with others, got Nawaz Sharif disqualified,” PM Shehbaz said while inaugurating the construction of a link road to Motorway-III near Faisalabad.

Separately, he told a private TV channel that those involved in attacks on military installations would be tried in military courts.

Though PML-N has been long castigating the ex-CJP for his alleged role in Mr Nawaz’s disqualification, PM Shehbaz

In his speech on Sunday, PM Shehbaz joined his party colleagues in blaming the former CJP for the elder Sharif’s disqualification.

He announced that if the PML-N is voted to power in the forthcoming elections, Nawaz Sharif would be the party’s candidate for the slot of prime minister.

He promised that if given a five-year mandate, the PML-N would change the fate of Pakistan and take the country to a journey of development and prosperity.

However, the PM said his party would respect the government elected by the votes of people.

He recalled that PML-N people were forcibly pushed to the other side by being taken to Banigala overnight through a special plane, and hurdles were created in the formation of PML-N’s government in Punjab.

He lamented that instead of doing any constructive work for the country, PTI Chairman Imran Khan continued the mantra of “thief and robber” for four years.

He alleged that the PTI chief conspired to back out of the IMF agreement only to create problems for the coming government.

Defending the decision to increase power tariff, the prime minister said that the step had to be taken under the IMF deal but announced that there would be no hike in tariff for those consuming up to 200 units.

Worst anti-state incident

Talking at a Samaa TV show, PM Shehbaz said that May 9 was the worst anti-state incident, likening it to the February 2019 Indian air strike.

He claimed that May 9 was a conspiracy from within the country led by the PTI chairman and his cronies, and that preparations for it had been made for over a year.

He said the government and state institutions had unanimously decided that those involved in the attack on civilian structures on May 9 would be tried in civilian courts, while those found involved in military installations would be tried in military courts and that none would be spared or offered any relaxation.

He said that the culprits would receive exemplary punishments to deter others from indulging in such a heinous act again.

Earlier in Faisalabad, the prime minister said that the people would have to take revenge for 2018 by defeating those who came to power through rigging.

He said that they decided to sacrifice their political interests for national interests and tried their best to steer the country out of the crises the PTI had pushed it into.

He said now there was no longer a risk of default, and the country was out of financial danger.