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Did Poland just see an alien craft?

On Saturday, Poland’s defense minister said that the unidentified flying object (UFO) that probably came from Belarus and flew into Polish airspace was probably a scientific observation balloon, but an investigation was still going on to confirm this.

Poland, which is a member of NATO, is keeping an eye out for violations of its airspace while the war in neighboring Ukraine, which was started by the Russian attack, was in full swing. Poland said that in November and December, missiles fired from the war zones fell on its land.

In an interview with TVN 24, Captain Ewa Zlotnicka, who works for the Polish Armed Forces Operational Command, said, “The object entered Polish airspace on Friday evening.”

The object was seen on radar for a while, but then it went away near the town of Rypin, which is in the center of Poland.

A Territorial Defence Force official said, “A search was under way to find it.”

The Russian and Belarusian governments did not have any comments right away.

Reuters says that after two Poles were killed by what Warsaw thinks was a Ukrainian air defense missile that went off in error in November and the remains of the missile were found in April in northern Poland, national security is a big problem in Poland ahead of elections later this year.