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Discord makes a big deal about the leak of information.

As the classified Pentagon documents made their way to the internet which drew worldwide attention, the messaging platform Discord said on Wednesday that it was cooperating in the investigation with the US authorities regarding the leak.

The comment from Discord came out at the same time that US officials were scrambling to find the source of the intelligence leak, which made US allies worry about the safety of the secret information.

The government is also checking the intelligence documents to make sure they are real and to see if the assessments in the secret papers are correct.

In the statement, it said, “We are working with law enforcement on the possible leak of sensitive information. As this remains an ongoing investigation, we cannot provide further comment at this time.”

The documents are marked “highly classified,” and they talk about the war in Ukraine, how the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad helped back anti-government protests in Israel, and how the US spies on its friends and foes.

The leak’s source hasn’t been found yet, but the open-source investigation site Bellingcat said that the papers came from Discord, a platform that gamers use to talk to each other.

The statement showed that law officers and investigators in the US were working together.

Recently, people started paying attention to papers, but Bellingcat says the documents have been on social media sites since March or even January.

The website also said that it couldn’t check if the papers were real.