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Do you know how to clear your search history? You may not be

Most people use Google to ask things that they can’t ask in public. And when asked, they delete their records of searches. What if we told you that you’ve been deleting your cookies wrongly and that Google still has the information about how you’ve been using the Internet?

Yes, that’s right. To get rid of it for good, there is one more secret step.

Most of the time, people go to the history bar and delete their Chrome browser’s data.

But if you do this one thing, you’ll be able to remove account-related information.

Google’s screen shot was taken on April 30, 2023. —
Google’s screen shot was taken on April 30, 2023. —
To do this, tap your picture right above the search bar in the upper right corner of Chrome.

Clicking “Manage your Google Account” will bring up a page with several tabs.

Type “My Activity” where it says “Search Google Account” in the search bar on that page. When you click “My Activity,” you’ll be taken to a list of your past searches. Click the “Delete” button to get rid of these searches.

You can also choose an option that lets you delete your data at a certain time.

Google’s screen shot was taken on April 30, 2023. —
Google’s screen shot was taken on April 30, 2023. —
As you keep going, Google will show you a list that asks if you just want to clear the past of your Google Chrome browser or if you also want to clear the history of YouTube.

After you delete the information, you will be asked for a final confirmation.

Even though this process deletes your history, Google says that other information will be saved as long as you have an account to help the tech giant make its services better.

In Google’s privacy rules, it says, “We keep some data as long as you have a Google Account if it helps us figure out how people use our features and how we can make our services better.”

“For example, after you delete a Google search from “My Activity,” we might keep track of how often you look for things, but not what you searched for. When you delete your Google Account, you also get rid of the information about how often you look for things.

You can also use the “My Activity” button to change where you’ve been in the past. After that, Google will give you personalized suggestions.

By default, this service is for people over 18.

Google says, “When you turn on Location History, you may see a number of benefits across Google products and services, such as personalized maps, recommendations based on places you’ve been, help to find your phone, real-time traffic updates about your commute, and more useful ads.”