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Ellie Goulding reveals information about her new album

Ellie Goulding said that her next record is the “least personal” one she has made so far.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer of “Love Me Like You Do” said, “In the best way, this album wasn’t based on personal experiences, and it was such a relief and really refreshing to not be sitting in the studio going through all the things that happened to me and affected me.” Because I care a lot about things. I have always.”

“It’s the least personal album, but I think it’s the best album because I got to explore other parts of myself,” said the 36-year-old. I just really, really, really like to write and sing.”

Earlier, the singer of “Miracle” talked about her mental health and worry on Instagram.

But it has also made me who I am, and when I’m really scared and feel like I can’t get away from the fear and panic in my heart and brain, I tell myself that I can feel,” she said.