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The end of Grace’s third season was praised by viewers.

The thrilling ending of Grace’s third season on ITV kept people on the edge of their seats. Fans of the gripping series shared their thoughts on Twitter. “This #Grace season on @ITV was great! “Somehow gets better and better,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Brilliant storyline,” said someone else. They did a great job. I liked every show of Grace’s third season. Return soon. Without you, Sunday night won’t be the same. Please start Season 4 of @itv soon.” One user gave Peter James, the author whose work inspired the series, a lot of praise. “@peterjamesuk @ITV Again, a great series, with plenty of room for the next one. Rewritten well for TV and a lot of fun to watch. Thank you!” On the other hand, John Simm’s act was also praised in the scores. “Grace is wonderful. I hope that there will be more TV shows in the future. “Great show, and John Simm is a great actor,” said one person. Another person said, “John Simm is great. He writes in a very clever way.” In Brighton, officer Roy Grace (John Simm), who is sad about his missing wife and works for the East Sussex police, looks into terrible crimes.