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France Welcomes Modi (Modi, harbinger of change in the. Indian economy !! )

India’s PM Nerendra Modi is France’s Guest of Honor for Bastille Day Celebrations. For France, India’s growing economy is a source of economic interest and sees it as an engagement for economic growth in Asia. Modi was recently a guest of honor at a White House State Dinner in Washington, a city he was once banned from visiting. Indian troops are also joining the Annual Bastille Day Parade . India is already negotiating for French arms including Dassault’s Rafale fighter jets. Being the 5th largest economy of the world, France has immense desire to engage with India who is embroiled in border disputes with China, her Northern neighbor astride the Himalayan peaks. This year, India is hosting G20 summit for the first time. Modi is trying to enhance his image as an harbinger of change in the Indian economy.