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Russia behind Havana Syndrome: Report

Russia Denies chrges
A report based on a year long research reveals that Russian intelligence is behind Syndrome which is sparked through intense heat waves.
A foreign media outlet reports that in 2019, a military officer overseas drove into an intersection and felt intense nausea and headaches, which subsided once they drove off. Others have developed long-term issues, including severe headaches, insomnia, and hearing problems. One official told media that as many as 200 officials have experienced Havana syndrome symptoms, almost half of whom are CIA agents or their families, with the other half split between Defense Department and State Department employees.The phenomenon began in Havana, officials and their families stationed in Russia, Poland, Austria, Georgia, Taiwan, Colombia, China, Kyrgyzstan, the United Kingdom, and Uzbekistan. During last four years close to two dozen American officials in the Austrian capital have had symptoms.