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Fraud charges against Ali Zaidi were dropped after a “out-of-court settlement.”

In Karachi’s Malir District, a judicial magistrate gave Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh President Ali Zaidi bail in a fraud case on Thursday after he made a “out-of-court settlement” with the person who filed the complaint.

After Zaidi was brought to court at the end of his three-day physical arrest, bail was granted.

At the beginning of the meeting, the judge asked the police what kind of questioning they did with Zaidi during the three days he was in custody.

The investigator told the court that he had tried to find the people who were supposedly involved in the fraud case with Zaidi.

The judge then asked the officer where the report on how things were going was. The police officer told him that he had “forgotten to attach” the report.

The court asked Zaidi, “Did the police torture you?”

The PTI leader said, “The police did not treat me badly.” At this point, his lawyer also spoke up and said that his client’s detention was “illegal” based on what the cops had said.

The court then denied the investigation officer’s request to continue the physical remand and sent Zaidi on a judicial remand.

As soon as the judge agreed to the judicial arrest, Zaidi’s lawyer asked the judge for bail.

The bail was granted with surety bonds of Rs10,000 after the complainant’s lawyer, Kamran Baloch, told the court that they had made a “out-of-court settlement”

“Bail was not given based on merit.”
Later, Baloch told the media that Zaidi was let go because it was the right thing to do, but that the bail was granted because of his “merit.”

“Ali Zaidi’s bail was set because of a deal made outside of court. “The complainant and Zaidi have agreed on some things, and other things will be worked out after Zaidi’s release,” Baloch said.

‘A dangerous case’
Zaidi told the reporters in court that a “dangerous case” had been brought against him.

“Someone who doesn’t even know his own name filed a case against me. Even though it’s not clear if the complainant is still living or not, the case was filed,” Zaidi said.

Karachi police caught Zaidi.
Zaidi was nabbed for “fraud” in the city last week.

A first information report (FIR) says that Zaidi was taken because he was “fraudulent and made threats.” A man named Fazal Elahi had filed a case at the Ibrahim Hyderi Police Station in the city.

He went to court on Monday, and the judge told the cops to keep him in custody for three more days.