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Hanni from New Jeans talks about the job she had before her debut.

NME asked the girl group New Jeans about their first jobs in a recent interview. Hanni answered by talking about the job she had when she was in high school.

“First job we had before we started NewJeans… When you go to school in Australia, the semester is divided into terms. High school ends a week or a week and a half earlier than elementary school.

The young idol had a lot of free time and her sister was still in school, so she decided to put it to good use: “I had nothing to do, and then my old primary school teacher called and asked me to come help at the school because my sister was still there.”

Hanni says that her first job was to put books in order in the library, move things around, and clean if necessary. “So, for the last week and a half of the semester, I went to help. I also put books in order in the library. Also cleaned and moved desks. “It was a lot of fun.”