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Here are several reasons why you shouldn’t shower during a thunderstorm.

Numerous activities, including standing close to trees, venturing outside, and having a shower, are advised against during thunderstorms, according to scientists.

Other ideas are simple to grasp, but not having a shower feels a little strange. However, according to physicists, taking a shower during a thunderstorm puts a person at risk of receiving an electric shock.

This is due to the likelihood that electricity that strikes a home will also pass via the pipes.Despite the low likelihood of getting struck by lightning, caution is essential. Lightning generates energy that must be dispersed since it contains both positive and negative charges.

Lightning always chooses the route with the least amount of resistance. And conductors make it simple for electricity to move. People put themselves near two major conductors when taking a shower during a thunderstorm: water and metal pipesBoth metal and water are excellent conductors of electricity.

According to James Rawlings, a lecturer in physics at Nottingham Trent University, the electric discharge can pass through either and enter the shower or the tub.