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In the ‘Kukri’ clip, Yasir Hussain’s performance as Javed Iqbal makes people feel uncomfortable.

The long-awaited video for Abu Aleeha’s Kukri has finally come out, and it shows that the movie will be intense and gripping. Kukri has a great cast, a frightening visual atmosphere, and a sensitive subject. It seems to be an artful look into the mind of a serial killer and tries to show how important it is to keep children safe from predators.

The movie’s distributor, Eveready Pictures, posted the trailer on Instagram with the statement, “After a full year, the ban was lifted on the untold story of serial killer Javed Iqbal: Kukri.” On June 2, it will be shown in theaters all over Pakistan.”

In the trailer, Ayesha Omar and Yasir Hussain’s characters have a number of questions and arguments with each other. Hussain seems to shine as the serial killer. He seems to disappear into the part in a way that makes you feel sad. He gives off a sense of uneasiness in his acting, which fits the character’s crazy and twisted personality.

From what the trailer shows, it’s clear that Hussain has spent a lot of time getting to know the character’s mind. When clips of young boys running are shown next to clips of him doing bad things to children, the viewer is meant to feel even worse.

Even though there are a lot of male characters, Omar jumps out as the tough detective. She is a powerful force in the movie because of her strong personality and determined attitude. She seems to do well in a world dominated by men, which adds a depth of strength and determination to the story.

The trailer’s images add to the dark and dirty feel of the movie. The cinematography creates a feeling of dread, which adds to the total power of the story. The use of shadows and poorly lit settings adds to the tension and unease, drawing the audience into the story’s darker side. The music to the trailer is dark and moody, which makes it even more exciting to watch. The eerie melodies and sounds of the environment add to the stress and make it feel like something bad is about to happen.

The book Kukri is about the crimes of a well-known serial killer, which is a very sensitive topic. The way Aleeha acts shows that the movie’s goal is to make people aware of child abuse and protect children from it. The trailer hints that the movie will find a good mix between showing how scary the crimes were and sending a strong message against child abuse.