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India tightens security for the G20 meeting in IIOJK after attacks

Officials said on Wednesday that India has increased security in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) region. This is because freedom fighters have been attacking more often in the days leading up to a G20 meeting on tourism in the occupied territory.

The summer capital of the occupied region, Srinagar, will host a meeting of the G20’s tourism working group from May 22 to 24. This is part of a series of meetings that will lead up to the G20 summit in New Delhi in September.

This year, freedom fighters in the Jammu area, which is across the mountains from the Kashmir Valley, where Srinagar is located, have increased their attacks.

This year, there have been four strikes in Jammu that killed 10 soldiers and 7 civilians.

Security officials said they are worried that rebels could try to use an attack before or during the G20 meeting to bring attention to their cause.

A top Indian army officer in the area said, “It’s scary that these attacks are planned right before the G20 meeting.” He didn’t want to be named because he isn’t allowed to talk to the public.

Officers in the military and police said that they had information from intelligence sources that freedom fighters might attack a school run by the military in Jammu and take children hostage.

They said that because of this, these schools had been closed and classes had been moved online until after the G20 meeting.

Officers said that security forces in Srinagar are not taking any risks.

The head of police in IIOJK, Vijay Kumar, told Reuters that troops had been sent to the city and that members of a counter-terrorism force would be stationed in different places.

Since 1989, Srinagar has been the center of rebels’ fight against Indian rule. Violence by Indian troops in the occupied valley has killed tens of thousands of people. Pakistan says that India is breaking the rights of Muslim people in Kashmir.