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Indian woman contracts marriage with K-P man

The Indian woman who travelled to Pakistan to marry and stay with a man from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, contracted a court marriage on Tuesday and said she had arrived in the country of her ‘own free will’.

Thirty-five-year-old Anju, a resident of the Indian city of Delhi, reportedly followed her heart as she embarked upon the journey to the country a few days ago to see her 25-year-old lover, Nasrullah, who hails from the scenic region of Upper Dir.

Anju is reported to have converted to Islam from Christianity prior to the wedding, and changed her name to Fatima.

Their virtual bond blossomed into love, prompting her to make the daring journey into Pakistan, a usually unlikely love match.

Issuing a brief statement earlier in the day, the woman requested the Indian media to not disturb her parents.

In an earlier statement, Anju had declared her love for Nasrullah, saying their friendship on Facebook had indeed turned into love and now she could not imagine her life without him. Meanwhile, security sources said that investigations were under way regarding the friendship between Anju and Nasrullah.

Offering another clarification on the matter today, Anju said “I have come on a legal visa, I have been trying for three years. I am safe and happy here, Nasrullah and his family have respected me more than I could have expected. The Indian media should not disturb my family, I will return to India soon.”

On the other hand, Nasrullah while talking to Express News said, “I had a ceremony with Anju and I helped in legal proceedings to bring her to Pakistan, I had a conversation with Anju’s mother and Anju also wanted her to come to Pakistan. He also expressed eagerness to “legalize” their marriage so that the two would be able to travel freely between their home countries.

“I have not placed any pressure on Anju,” he added, “she said herself that she wanted to learn more about Islam.”

Nasrullah said that Anju has come on a 30-day visa because of her job.