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Is Urwa Hocane back with Farhan Saeed?

Since a few years ago, showbiz gossip has been fueled by rumours and questions about the connection between Pakistani actor Urwa Hocane and singer-turned-actor Farhan Saeed.

The stars got married in 2016 after the success of their TV show Udaari, but they allegedly broke up in 2020, four years later.

Because they were a real-life couple and both were well-known in the entertainment business, fans were always interested in learning more about their personal lives.

But neither Urwa nor Saeed talked about their breakup in a direct way. Fans were shocked by the “divorce” rumours, and since neither of them had confirmed or rejected the split, there had been a lot of uncertainty for a long time.

They tried not to be seen together, and sometimes they didn’t even pose for a picture together. Even though neither of them had ever stopped following the other, they stopped posting each other’s photos or pictures of themselves.

But Urwa and Farhan just worked on a couple of projects together, and there was still no news of their “divorce.” Urwa created the movie Tich Button, in which Saeed played the main character.

The movie got a lot of buzz because people were looking forward to seeing the pair. During the movie’s promotion, the two were finally seen in the same frame.

People started to wonder if the couple was still together or not because of all of this.

In a recent interview, when asked about his relationship, Saeed said, “No, we’re fine.”

After keeping quiet for months, the couple finally decided that Eid would be the best time to put an end to the reports that they were splitting up and clear the air about their relationship status.

The Udaari couple showed that they were married by posting shots of their Eid celebrations together on their Instagram pages. “Eid Mubarak” was written on the pictures of the couple, which were very cute.

Farhan wore a white organza kurta and trousers, which were great for Eid. Urwa, on the other hand, put on a traditional long pink dress with silver embroidery.

Fans were happy to see Urwa and Farhan close to each other, and they enjoyed their happiness together.

Here are some bits from the comments:

“Love this,” said one happy user.

A person wrote, “I never comment on a celebrity’s post, but MashaAllah, this is the best Eid post.” I’m glad you two got along. An important lesson for others that things can be fixed.”

Another user said, “Why am I so happy to see this? Ma sha Allah.”

A lot of well-known people, like Zara Noor Abbas, Ayeza Khan, Iqra Aziz, and Sanam Baloch, have also said nice things about the couple.