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Jisoo of Blackpink talks about the possibility of them losing their fame.

Jisoo from the K-pop group Blackpink talks about how their popularity might go down in the future. She is now marketing her first album as a solo artist, called “Me.”

She was on a show called “My Alcohol Diary,” where she talked with rapper Lee Young Ji about her band members and their relationships, among other things. Young Ji asked Jisoo about the group’s future and asked if they feel pressured by the idea that they might not be as popular.

Jisoo was pretty calm when she answered the question, though, and she said that she doesn’t give the thought much thought. “I never feel stressed. I mean, we had our chance, and now it’s time for us to go down.”

She also said that she would be happy to see other singers do as well as they did. Then it will be better if things keep going this way. At that time, the Korean music industry is doing well around the world.”